The "Bewildering Brush"

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The place we call home.



Algal diversity in tidepool at Cattle Point, WA with Odonthalia and epiphytic Soranthera (small golden balls).



Littorina (snails/periwinkles) on Odonthalia. Botanical Beach.



Soranthera ulvoidea on Odonthalia. Botany Beach.



Herbarium specimen with a red alga at base, 7/25/1953.




Odonthalia's profuse branching creates a complex structure both underwater and out that provides habitat for many organisms and their egg masses, as well as epiphytes like Soranthera ulvoidea and diatoms.

Studies of epiphyte-host interactions between Odonthalia and the diatom Isthmia nervosa have revealed that negative effects of epiphytism (eg. increased drag) were apparent physiologically but not at the population level (1). Seasonal breakage occurs from colonization of Odonthalia after tetraspore development, and changes in this timing could affect community dynamics.

























1) Ruesink, J. 1998. Diatom epiphytes on Odonthalia floccosa: the importance of extent and timing. Journal of Phycology 34: 29-38.

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