The "Bewildering Brush"

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In + Around: A Trip to the Herbarium

What lurks deep within the pages of our herbarium archives...besides macroalgae...?

Several files of Odonthalia specimens awaited my examination in the herbarium...much to my surprise, however, not only was there a bewildering array of morphologies represented in the collection, but also a display of what normally lives in and around Odonthalia in the field!


Gastropods! Specimen by Joe Powell, 7/25/1961. Snail shell height ~.7cm.



A depressed decapod...Collected by J.A. West; lower intertidal on rock, 6/24/1964. Crab height ~1cm.



Amphipod pressings? Apparently so. Odonthalia floccosa collected south of Deadman's Bay, 17/7/55. Picture width ~3.5cm.


Yet another creeping, crawling crustacean...or should I say crushed? S.F. Blau, collected south of Cape Alava, 6/30/1974. Isopod length ~1.2cm.



Bryozoans on Odonthalia washingtoniensis, Salmon Bank, 6/28/1953. Bryozoan height ~1.7cm.


We love our epiphytes...otherwise known as "scunge." Present on quite a few Odonthalia specimens.
Collected by Norman Richardson between American Camp + Eagle Cove, intertidal, 6/20/1966. Picture height ~4cm.




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