Surf Grass

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P. scouleri with 3 leaf veins.

Photo by Victoria Wyllie-Echeverria


P. serrulatus with 5-7 leaf veins and uneven edges.

Photo by Victoria Wyllie-Echeverria



Phyllospadix Taxonomy

Empire – Eukaryota
     Kingdom – Plantae
          Sub Kingdom – Viridaeplantae
               Phylum – Magnoliophyta
                    Class – Monocots
                         Order - Potamogetonales
                              Family – Cymodoceaceae


Subordinate Taxa

Species iwatensis

This sight highlights the species P. scouleri

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Three Pacific Northwest Species

P. serrulatus

The leaf blades of P. serrulatus tend to have 5-7 veins running verticle along the blade. The leaf blade is also uneven on the edges . This species can be found along the pacific coast from Alaska to Washington (Adams 2006).

P. scouleri

The leaf blades of P. scouleri tend to have 3 veins running verticle along the blade. The blade length of this species is no longer than 3ft. P. scouleri an be found on the pacific coast ranging from Alaska to California. Most pictures on this sight are P. scouleri unless otherwise noted (Adams 2006).

P. torreyi

The leaf blade of P. torreyi is skinny and only 2 mm wide. This species can be found on he pacific coast ranging from Southern Vancouver Island to Baja Peninsula. P. torreyi leaf blades can reach up to 10ft long (Adams 2006)

Adams, Mary Jo. Intertidal Organisms EZ-ID guides. 9/12/2006. Washington State University. May 13, 2009. <>.