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Welcome to the devotional website of Ptilota filicina!


Ptilota filicina in intertidal action


Ptilota filicina under scope at 10x




Ptilota filicina is a relatively unsung beauty of the lower intertidal and subtidal zones. I found a lack of basic information on the details of its life and ecology and chose to describe this algae beyond taxonomical distinctions. Ptilota filicina is an eye-catching, soul grabbing Rhodophyte whose name means fern-like for a good reason: the branching of P. filicina is exceptionally beautiful with minute details and vivid color.

It was my pleasure to capture the various forms of P. filicina on screen as well as highlight some extremely interesting features discussed in the Biochemistry section. Who knew that such an understated algae was pertinent to both blood typing, tumor suppression and metabolism research?

How can you remember the name?
You can find Ptilota when: the Pti is Lo, ta!

Ptilota Haiku
            Red and Serrate the
            Understated Ptilota
            Your key to weight loss?


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