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This image is of a specimen found in the FHL Herbarium.


Scagelia occidentale is a relatively small, 4-8 centimeters in height, red filamentous alga. It was first noted by (Kylin) E.M. Wollaston,  July of 1922  in Friday Harbor, Washington, U.S.A. (Kylin 1925). It has a triphasic life cycle with both gonimoblast and tetraspores have been observed.

I first met this alga on the second day of class when I was keying it out for a lab I had to make a slide to be able to see some structures and to make a permanit slide mount. Well that slide turned out really well, displaying both pit plugs and the cell structure, so I decided to pick Scagelia occidentale as my alga.

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Kylin, Harald. The Marine Red Algae In The Vicinity Of The Biological Station At Friday Harbor, Wash. Lund: Hakan Ohlsson, 1925.