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  • phylum Rhodophyta
  • class Florideophyceae 
  • order Ceramiales
  • family Ceramiaceae
  • genus Scagelia
  • species occidentale

Status of name:
        The name Scagelia occidentale is thought to be a synonym of Scagelia americana (Hansen et al.), and the basionym is Antithamnion occidentale (Kylin).
The type information is:
        Type locality: Friday Harbor, Washington, U.S.A. (Athanasiadis 1996). Lectotype: Kylin; July 1922; (Athanasiadis 1996) (image to left is a specimen Scagelia occidentale from Friday Harbor Herbarium which came from the same location month and year as the type, the type location is unknown)



Hansen and Scagel. "A morphological study of Antithamnion boreale (Gobi) Kjellman and its relationship to the genus Scagelia Wollaston (Ceramiales, Rhodophyta)", Bulletin of the Torrey Botanical Club, Vol. 108, April - June 1981, No.2 pp. 205-212

Kylin, Harald. The Marine Red Algae In The Vicinity Of The Biological Station At Friday Harbor, Wash. Lund: Hakan Ohlsson, 1925.