Cobble Beach at Eagle Cove

Erin and Katie getting ready to flip some cobble

On either side of the rocky promontory are small patches of cobble beach. At first glance it is easy to overlook this habitat when hunting for invertebrates because it is less extensive than the sandy beach and less impressive than the rocky outcrops. But underneath these cobbles live a number of highly mobile crustaceans and molluscs--including shore crabs, porcelain crabs, hermit crabs, isopods and limpets--as well as polychaete worms that live in semi-permanent tubes or burrow into the sediment.  The cobbles provide a spatially complex habitat with large, protected, and well-flushed spaces that can concentrate drifting food and enable animals to hide from potential predators and avoid desiccation during low tides.

Click on these links to learn more about locomotion , feeding , reproduction & protection strategies of invertebrates living in the cobble beach at Eagle Cove.

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