Jenny Roberts

Program Director, Coordinator and Educator

Dr. Billie Swalla

Director of the U.W. Friday Harbor Labs


Michelle Herko

Assistant Coordinator, Educator and Web Updates



Rachel Anderson

FHL Major Gifts Development Officer


David Duggins

Program Advisor and Volunteer


Megan Dethier

Program Advisor and Volunteer


Special Thanks

Kari Koski

Past Assistant Coordinator, Educator and Web Updates

**Kari worked for FHLSOP for 3.5 years and continues to help out as an educator. She did a great job developing the "Know the Kelps and Algae" project and the "Whale Adventure Days".

Margo Thorp

Past Interim Program Director, Coordinator, Educator and Web Designer

**Margo worked for FHLSOP for 3 years. She was an amazing organizer and did a fantastic job developing the Oceanography and Watershed classes for SJISD'a alternative school Griffin Bay. She is now living and teaching in the Seattle area.

Alana Hysert

Past Assistant Coordinator, Educator and Web Designer

**Alana Hysert devoted 6 years of time and effort towards this program. She was a tremendous help in the initial development of the FHLSOP projects and designing this website. Alana taught at the California Academy of Science in San Francisco before returning to the northwest. Alana and her family live in Port Townsend.

Bob Schwartzberg

Past Development Officer/Fundraising

**We our extremely thankful of Bob. This program would not have been possible without his fundraising efforts.



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