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We make scientific discoveries, cultivate leaders,
and bridge disciplines to advance the tightly connected
health and well-being of women, adolescents, and children.

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2015 Global WACh & W.H.Coulter Foundation
Medical Solutions Seed Grant Award

“I am constantly inspired by the vision and passion
of our team, as well as their dedication and tireless effort
to improve healthcare in low resource settings.”

- Anthony Roche

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Graduate Certificate Program in Global Health of Women, Adolescents, and Children

The Global WACh certificate program gives UW graduate students a comprehensive overview of the health of women, adolescents, and children, and current issues in global health.
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Global WACh 2017 Courses

We prioritize multi-disciplinary approaches to solving complex health problems.
In order to foster creative learning and collaboration, we have partnered with
several schools at the University of Washington to create new courses,
seminars and lecture series.

2017 courses topics include bioengineering approaches to health challenges,
adolescent health in low-resource settings, and global perspectives on
reproductive health.

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