Research Philosophy and Scope
The central theme of our research is the systematic exploration and design of fundamental materials properties/phenomena as a function of size, dimensionality and organization. New materials structures, the correlation of materials behavior with the microstructure (as a function of synthesis and processing) and their applications in emerging technologies are emphasized. All our projects are vertically integrated from the underlying science to their technological and biomedical applications. A comprehensive snapshot (Summer 2005) of our materials research can be seen in this overview article.

Our work encompasses both fundamental and applied dimensions in information technology and health care. It is multidisciplinary and builds on established methods in condensed matter physics, solid-state chemistry, metallurgy, ceramic science, electrical engineering, biology and medicine. We are, in essence, an experimental group and in our work we combine atomically-engineered synthesis (both physical and chemical methods), advanced characterization of microstructures at relevant length scales using photons, electrons, neutrons & scanning probes, measurement of magnetic, optical and electrical properties and for the biomedical work, cytotoxicity, cell-culture and animal models. We are well-equipped for our research. In fact we strive to constantly enhance our research facilities but to make up for what we don't have, we also use central facilities at UW, regularly carry out experiments at various national user facilities (ALS, APS, IPNS, NCEM, PNNL/EMSL) or collaborate with a wide range of academic/industry research groups both here in the US and abroad. Our results are regularly published in the best peer-reviewed, archival journals and our alumni are well-placed upon graduation. Our work is regularly funded by federal (NSF, DoE, NIH), regional (UW/PNNL, WTC), foundation (Murdock, Guggenheim), and industrial (Microvision) grants.

In our group we cherish individual innovation and creativity. We also carry out a number of projects emphasizing cooperation with collective, team-oriented goals. We may have open positions at any particular time depending on the funding cycle, but in general, highly-motivated researchers (students, post-docs and visitors) interested in opportunities for fundamental investigations, technological innovation as well as industrial interactions in these areas are very welcome to contact us.

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