We have dedicated laboratories for thin film deposition, synthesis and processing of colloidal nanocrystals including their self-assembly, magnetic and transport measurements and materials characterization with electrons, photons and scanning probes.

The Physical Properties Measurement Laboratory (Wilcox 134 and Roberts 221), funded partially through the M. J. Murdock Charitable Trust, that contains: Eric
The Chemical Synthesis Laboratory (Wilcox 130) is fully equipped for making and characterizing nanocrystals starting from air-sensitive precursors. This includes: Eric
In our BSL-2 certified Cell and Tissue Culture Laboratory, we investigate the in vitro and ex vivo performance of the nanoparticles produced in our chemical synthesis laboratory. We are also authorized to do our nanoparticles pharmacokinetics and biodistribution studies in University of Washington animal facilities. We actively collaborate with other laboratories and research centers across the campus for doing confocal microscopy, animal imaging using MRI and IVIS and doing the tissue harvesting, histology and confocal microscopy.

This BSL-2 certified laboratory contains:

The Thin Film Laboratory (Wilcox 132) houses: Eric
The Structural Characterization & Imaging Laboratory contains: Eric Eric