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This site is a great resource shows you examples of how words or phrases have been used by speakers of English in speech and in writing.

Here you can search five different English language dictionaries including the Advanced Learner's Dictionary and the Dictionary of Idioms.

Look up words and listen to the pronunciation for free. U.S. IPA included!

A multilingual dictionary site. Your choice of several different monolingual or bilingual dictionaries.

Look up words and listen to the pronunciation. It charges for some words. It doesn't use IPA.

This dictionary is similar to Merriam Webster, but does not charge for definitions or audio.

In the Labs

Please download both Audacity and "lame_enc.dll"

A program for linguists, but students can use it to see visual feedback on pitch and rhythm. Some training is required to use this program

Easy to use software to get visual feedback on rhythm and pitch.


Learn English naturally by listening to speakers from all over the world!

A great listening resource.

This site has lots of different kinds of authentic listening. There are sections on narratives, public speeches and the media among others along with practice with different English skills.

Worldwide news, information, educational, and cultural programming

Learn American English. Access video, audio, transcripts and more!


This site describes the sounds of English (and Spanish) and has flash animation and video of the sounds as well.

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