Lawrence A. Loeb, M.D., Ph.D.

Born:  December 25, 1936, Poughkeepsie, New York

Family:  Married, 1958; three children, Born 1962, 1963 and 1967

Phone:    Office:  [206]-543-6015  (FAX:  [206] 543-3967)
    Home:  [425]-885-7098
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1953-1957    B.S., City College of New York
1958-1961    M.D., New York University - Bellevue Medical Center
1961-1962    Medical Internship, Stanford University
1966-1967     Ph.D. (Biochemistry), University of California, Berkeley


1962-1964     Research Associate with Dr. H.V. Gelboin, NCI, Bethesda, MD
    Surgeon (Major) U.S. Public Health Service
1964-1967    Research Associate with Dr. Daniel Mazia, U. California, Berkeley:
1967-1971    Assistant Member, Institute for Cancer Research, Philadelphia, PA
1971-1977    Associate Member, Institute for Cancer Research, Philadelphia, PA
1972-1977    Associate Professor, Dept of Pathology, Univ. of Pennsylvania
1977-1978    Member, Institute for Cancer Research, Philadelphia, PA
1977-1978     Senior Member, Institute for Cancer Research, Philadelphia, PA
1978-present    Professor Department of Pathology, Univ. Washington School of Medicine
1978-1993    Adjunct Professor. Dept. Biochemistry, Univ. Washington Scl. of Medicine
1978-present    Director, The Joseph Gottstein Memorial Cancer Research Laboratory
1986-2011    Director of the Medical Science Training Program (M.D./Ph.D.)
    Univ. of Washington School of Medicine, Seattle, WA
1993-present    Professor (joint appointment), Dept. Biochemistry, University of Washington School of Medicine.

Academic & Professional Honors:

1957-1961    Salk Scholarship in Medicine, City of New York
1957    Brittain Award in Moral Philosophy, City College of New York
1957    Baskerville Award in Chemistry, City College of New York
1966    Fellow, American College of Physicians
1966    Seventh Annual Misra-Baptia Medal, Lucknow Med. School, India
1985-1999    Outstanding Investigator Award, National Cancer Institute
1986    Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science
1986    Chairman, Gordon Conference on Mutagenesis and DNA Repair
1987-1988    Vice President, American Association for Cancer Research
1988-1989    President, American Association for Cancer Research
1988    Abbot Laboratory Distinguished Scientist Lectureship
1988    Lorenzini Foundation Lecturer, Urbino Italy
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1988     Visiting Lecturer for the Foundation for Promotion of Cancer Research Distinguished Scientist, Tokyo, Japan
1990     Sixth Founder's Day Lecture, Tata Memorial Cancer Centre Bombay, India
1991    Co-chairman, International Meeting on Abasic Sites, Paris, France
1991    Ignoble Award, Department of Biochemistry, University of Washington
1992    Distinguished Professor in Cancer Research,  Eppley Cancer Center
1993    Chairman and Keynote Speaker, AACR Special Conference , "Mutations
    and Cancer
1993    Fessinger - Springer Memorial Lecture, MARC Research Symposium
1994    Co-chairman, AACR Special Conference, "Genomic Stability and the Cell     Cycle"
1994    Special Lecturer, Environmental Mutagen Society
1994    Co-Chairman, Fifth International Meeting on Antimutagenesis and     Anticarcinogenesis
1994    Special Lecture, Mutations and Cancer, International Cancer Conference
    New  Delhi, India
1995    Keynote Address, International Meeting on Metals and Oxygen Radicals
1995    Organizer, Princess Takamatsu Cancer Research Symposium
        "Precancerous State and Genomic Instability"
1995    Nakahara Memorial Lecture, "Mutator Phenotype and Spontaneous Mutagenesis"
1996    Keynote Address, Multiple Mutations in Cancer.  United Kingdom
        Environmental Mutagen Society
1997    Keynote Address, Genetic Instability in Cancer.  IARC Meeting, Lyon, France
1998    Environmental Mutagen Society Annual Award for Excellence in Basic Science
2000    Keynote Address, University of Cincinnati, Meeting on Molecular Mechanisms and Genetics of DNA Repair
2000    Co-Chairman, Gordon Conference on Mutations and Cancer
2001    President-Elect and Program Chairman, Environmental Mutagen Society
2002    President, Environmental Mutagen Society
2002    Burroughs Wellcome Visiting Professorship in the Basic Medical Sciences
2003    Lubomir Hnlilica Memorial Lecture,  "A mutator phenotype in cancer"
2004    Co-Chair, 1st U.S.-Japan Meeting on error-prone DNA synthesis Maui, HI
2005    Organizer, Educational Symposium, "Mitochondrial DNA Mutations and Cancer, 96th Annual Meeting, American Association for Cancer Research, Anaheim, CA
2005    Keynote Address, "Mutator Phenotype in Cancer" 9th International Environmental Mutagen Society, San Francisco, CA
2005    Princess Takamatsu Annual Lectureship (Japan)
2006    Distinguished Scientist Lecturer, University of Washington
2006    Keynote Speaker, Fifth Annual M.D./Ph.D.  Symposium, “From Bench to Bedside”, Mayo Clinic
2007    Keynote Speaker, U.S.-Japan Meeting on DNA Repair
2007    Keynote Speaker, American Chemical Society, Toxicology Division, Boston, MA
2008    Keynote Speaker, Gordon Conference on Mammalian DNA Repair
2008    AACR Princess Takamatsu Award
2008    Gulbenkian lectureship, Lisbon, Portugal
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2008    J.B. Little Award, Harvard
2009    Foreign Organizer, Princess Takamatsu International Symposium, "DNA Repair and Cancer"
2010    Keynote Speaker, German Society on DNA Repair, Leipzig, Germany
2011    Keynote Speaker, Mid-West Meeting on DNA Repair, Toledo, Ohio
2011    Keynote Speaker, Italian Environmental Mutagen Society, Italy
2011    Keynote Speaker, SUNY- Buffalo, Symposium on Molecular Biology, Buffalo, NY
2011    Keynote Speaker, Mid-West Meeting on DNA Repair, Toledo, Ohio
2013    Keynote Speaker, U.S.-Soviet Meeting on DNA Synthesis, Leningrad, Russia
2014    Keynote Speaker, Gordon Conference on Mutagenesis, Ventura, California