Molecular Biophysics Training Program

For Departments

Submitting documents in support of your student’s application to the Molecular Biophysics Training Program

Applicants to the Molecular Biophysics Training Program are asked to submit copies of all their college level transcripts, including their UW transcripts.  Copies of transcripts are accepted directly from the applicant’s department, if the department maintains these items and wishes to submit them on behalf of the applicant.

You can submit scanned or digital copies of transcripts directly through the online MBTG Application under Part II: Proposal and Supporting Documents.

  • Click on “Upload MBTG Application Documents”
  • Enter the applicant’s name and email address (a confirmation will be sent to the applicant)
  • Check the box to indicate that you are not the applicant
  • Enter your name and email address
  • Click on the “Upload a File” button and select your file(s).  A single pdf is preferred, but the form will allow you to upload multiple separate files before submitting.  It is helpful if the file name contains the applicant’s last name and the content of the file (Example: “Lee_undergrad_transcript.pdf”).
  • When you have uploaded your file(s), click “Submit”
  • A confirmation email will be sent to you at the address you provided

If you have questions please email