Graduate Program in Neuroscience


Do you share my applications with different departments?

Yes, we do share applications with other departments with your consent.

Do I need official GRE scores to submit my application?

Self report GRE scores are accepted if your official scores have not yet been made available.

Do I need to re-send my GRE scores for a different cycle then the one I originally applied for?

Yes, you need to re-send the scores for the current application cycle. When the admissions committee reviews applications they only look at the current applications; there is no way to link information from past applications to the current one.

Is the Graduate Program in Neuroscience part of the UW medical school?

No. We are an interdisciplinary neuroscience program through the Graduate School. We do have a number of faculty who are in departments within the Medical School, but we are not limited to those faculty and our degree does not lead to an MD which is a clinical degree, but rather a PhD in a research training program.

What are your average test scores and interview/acceptance rates?

As an interdisciplinary program we do not have a “cut-off point” or minimums on GRE scores or GPA. We try to balance the application review by looking at the overall picture of the student’s application.

  • We usually interview 40-45 applicants.
  • We make offers to about 35 applicants.
  • Usually 8-10 applicants accept.
  • Average applicant GPA is 3.50
  • Average applicant GREs are in the 80-90’s percentiles for verbal and quantitative

What should my Statement of Purpose say?

We don’t have a format for our statement of purpose. Upon reading your statement the Admissions Committee should be able to determine whether or not your experience and interests make you a good fit for our program and/or for graduate school in general. What have you done? What excites you about neuroscience? A PhD can take 5-6 years to complete – why do you want to do that? The more professional the better. List a few faculty that you are interested in at the UW (why us and not another program?).

Can I get my application fee waived?

There is a fee-waiver process and it is means-tested. When submitting your application you will get to the part where you put in your credit card information, at that point you can request a few waiver. You will need to provide financial information, etc. The waiver can take 4-5 working days so you need to submit your application in advance of our deadline.

Does your program use rolling admissions, or are all applications considered at the same time after the deadline?

We only accept applications during the open application period and we only review applications after the deadline of December 1st.

What is grad housing like?

There is graduate housing available, but most Neuro grad students live off campus.