Graduate Program in Neuroscience

Finances and Student Support


All Neuroscience students who maintain satisfactory progress in the program are supported with a salary and/or stipend/fellowship. The salary rate normally exceeds the NIH predoctoral stipend level and is very competitive with our peer institutions (the UW current stipend level is $3434/month or $41,208/year). Applicants are encouraged to apply for National Science Foundation or other individual fellowships. Most Neuroscience students also qualify for a variety of NIH institutional training grants awarded to the University of Washington.

Tuition Waivers

Neuroscience students receive tuition waivers as long as they are enrolled as full-time students and maintain satisfactory progress. The waivers include basic tuition (operating & tech fees) for Tier I graduate students. Students who are not residents of Washington State also receive waivers for the non-resident tuition portion, but are highly encouraged to establish residency after their first year. Students are usually only responsible for the student activity fees and the student UPASS which combined are approximately $320 per quarter.


Health (medical/dental/vision) insurance is available to eligible students at no cost, and to their families at a modest cost. Details on the Graduate Appointee Insurance Plan are available via the UW Human Resources website.

Student Financial Services

Some students may require additional funding for books, childcare, etc. If so, you may consider applying for financial aid through the University of Washington’s financial aid office at ( or various other outside funding agencies. These sources are not generally available to international students.

NSF Graduate Fellowships

An unusual feature of NSF Graduate Fellowships is that students may apply for fellowships even before they have been accepted into a graduate program. We encourage students applying to our program to apply for an NSF fellowship. Applying for and receiving such a fellowship is not essential, because our Program guarantees full tuition and stipend support for all entering students.¬† However, having applied for an NSF fellowship may be seen as a favorable indication of the student’s strong motivation.