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Pediatric Nutrition Consultation On-line is a closed, moderated listserv. Members can submit questions that are forwarded to experts in pediatric nutrition. Evidence-based responses are returned, within 1-2 weeks. Answered questions are routinely posted to the entire list. Members also receive periodic announcements about new programs, articles, and conferences/continuing education events.

There are currently 2 ways new members can be added to the listserve:

  1. Subscribe to Nutrition Focus for Children with Special Needs, a newsletter which is published 6 times a year. The listserv membership is an additional $20 per year above the subscription price. To find out more about the newsletter, see
  1. Attend the 3-day training sponsored by this project. The next course is June 20-22, 2012, in Seattle.

More information about the course is on this website. Participants in this course are added to the listserve after they have attended the training.

Selected questions are organized in the Archives section. (requires a password)

All listserve postings are also available in the mailing list archive.