Continuous and Discrete/Mixed Domain

This program is capable of performing optimization in a continuous domain, a discrete domain, or a mixed continuous/discrete domain. The user may choose any type of variable for the test functions or for a user defined problem. In all cases the user must specify the upper and lower bounds for all design variables. If the discrete option is chosen the user also needs to specify the discretization interval. This interval can be the same for all design variables or different for each of them. 
Example: sinusoidal test function (option 1 from the test function menu)
Global optimum is -3.5 at (90,90)
The following figures show the function in 
  • (a) 2-dimensional continuous domain and 
  • (b) 2-dimensional discretized domain where the discretization interval is 15 degrees for both design variables.

(a) Sinusoidal Test Function in 2D Continuous Domain

(b) Sinusoidal Test Function in 2D Domain Discretized at 15 Degrees

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