The global optimization software in executable for mat is available to use for everyone. To get aquainted with all existing options the user is encouraged to try some test functions from the "Test function menu".
To be able to solve problems other than in "Test function menu" the user must supply the FORTRAN subroutine named USER_PROBLEM and possess a compiler which will enable linking of the executable file with the FORTRAN subroutine.
In the subroutine USER_PROBLEM the user must define the ob jective function and the constraint functions and explicitly define the number of constraints. The objective function must be stored in a variable FU, the constraint functions must be stored in an array GU and the number of constraints must be stored in a variable GDIM. The number of design variables and their upper and lower bounds are part of the interactive input and need not be a part of the subroutine. 
An example of an acceptable subroutine USER_PROBLEM is found here.
Two types of files are listed below. The first type of files are executable files for demonstration purposes. The demo files contain the "Test function menu" and the subroutine USER_PROBLEM as defined in the ex ample web page. The second type of files are object files which contain the same "Test function menu" but must be linked to a subroutine named USER_PROBLEM, provided by the user.
List of executable files
  • To download the software executable on Unix OS click here.
  • To download the software executable on Sun OS click here.
  • To download the software executable on Power Mac click here.
List of object files
  • To download the object file for the Unix OS click here.
  • To download the object file for the Sun OS click here.
  • For the purpose of downloading the object files are given the format *.exe. After downloading the user should rename those files into format *.o to be able to link them with the rest of the FORTRAN code.

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