Load Redistribution

Load redistribution

For large panels, which have to be broken up into elements for the analysis, the redistribution of internal loads, caused by the change in element stiffnesses in optimization iterations, must be taken into account.

Internal FEM module
  • FEM analysis for large, complex composite structures is computationally expensive to be performed externally in each optimization iteration.
  • Internal Finite Element Module is developed and implemented into COSTADE to determine the internal load redistribution effects.
  • Internal FEM module generates valid designs and improves optimization convergence.

FEA implementation in COSTADE

  • Full barrel fuselage section design
    • Fuselage section is modeled by a sandwich type composite laminate panel with frames along the hoop direction.
    • Radius of the barrel = 122 in.
    • Maximum number of plies in the skin = 41.
    • Number of elements for the FEA = 8x10.
    • TRI3 Shell elements used in the finite element analysis.
    • Objective of the optimization = Minimize weight.
    • Number of design variables = 246. 

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