Design Space

Design Variables
  • Design variables are fiber angles in wall laminates.
  • Dependency between fiber angles in the web and the flanges, due to the specific manufacturing process, is taken into account.
  • Geometrical dimensions and number of plies in each wall are not included in design variables in this phase of the project.

Design Families
symmetric specially orthotropic (00/900 only)
antisymmetric angle ply
-F1-both flanges NS, beam NS
-F2-one flange S, beam NS
-F3-all walls S (00/900 only)
-F4-flanges NS, beam S or A

-F5-both flanges NS, beam NS
-F6-one flange S or A, beam NS
-F7-one flange S, one flange A, beam NS
-F8-flanges NS, beam A
-F9-flanges S or A, beam A

S - symmetric, A - antisymmetric, NS - non-symmetric
Global Optimization

Design of I-beams is a global optimization problem.

The following is an illustration of a design space in two dimensions.

Torsional stiffness as a function of fiber orientations in flanges

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