Digital Reference Object
Updated: 21 June 2016

DRObrain Description

The PET Digital Reference Object for Brain FDG uptake (DRObrain) is a set of synthetically generated DICOM image files of known voxel values for positron emission tomography (PET). The PET DRObrain was created by segmenting an MRI of a human brain and artificially assigning PET SUV uptake values of 1.67:1 (white:gray). Poisson noise was then added and a 6 mm FWHM Gaussian smoothing was then applied. Voxels are 1x1x1 mm cubic in a 256x256x256 PET image volume.

DISCLAIMER: This version of the DRObrain is a test version and not officially vetted and validated.

DRObrain DRObrain
Representative axial views through the DRObrain image volume show the differential uptake in the Gray and White matter regions.

Download the entire 20160315 DRObrain package here: