Pacific Northwest Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Unit (CESU)

Recently Completed Projects

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Analyzing the Importance of Night Sky Quality to Park Visitors

The National Park Service’s Chad Moore and University of Vermont’s Robert Manning partnered on this project and a final report is available here:

Indicators and standards of quality for viewing the night sky in the national parks
By Robert Manning, Ellen Rovelstad, Chadwick Moore, Jeffrey Hallo, and Brandi Smith


Community-specific biogeochemical responses to atmospheric nitrogen deposition in subalpine ecosystem of Mount Rainier National Park.

The National Park Service’s Regina Rochefort and Washington State University’s R. David Evans partnered on this project. You can find the final report, prepared by Justin Poinsatte and R. Dave Evans, WSU School of Biological Sciences and Stable Isotope Core Laboratory, here. (Project ID: P14AC01577).


Northern Alaska National Historic Landmark Condition and Vulnerability Assessment

The National Park Service’s Rachel Mason & Portland State University’s Dr. Shelby Anderson partnered on on this project. The final report is available here. (Project ID: P13AC01005)


The Role of Biofilms and Lichens in the Preservation of Archaelogical Features in the Bandelier Tuff, Bandelier National Monument 

The National Park Service’s Sarah Stokely and University of Vermont’s Dr. Doug Porter teamed up on this project. The final report is available here. (Project ID: P13AC01151)


Detect Contaminant Accumulation in Western Pond Turtles to Assess Foothill Ecosystem Condition

The National Park Service’s Annie Esperanza and Oregon State University’s Staci Simonich partnered on this project.  The final report is available here. (Project ID: J8W07110021)


Determining the Sensitivity of High Elevation Lakes in Mount Rainier, North Cascades, and Olympic National Parks to Atmospheric Nitrogen Deposition through Nutrient Enrichment Experiments

The National Park Service’s Tonnie Cummings and Washington State University’s Dr. Marc Beutel partnered on this project and produced an article: ‘Phytoplankton responses to nitrogen enrichment in Pacific Northwest, USA Mountain Lakes‘. More information about this project is available in our Project Library here. (Project ID: P13AC00955)


Communicating Marine Science to Alaskan Communities through Discovery Labs

The National Park Service’s Benjamin Pister and the Alaska Department of Fish & Game partnered on this project and produced this final report (Project ID: P12AC15051).