Tacoma-area Emergency Dept Scribe Opportunity

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My name is Daniel Moffett and I am the lead scribe at the Tacoma site of Medical Scribe Systems (MSS). We will be hiring new scribes soon, as several of our current scribes will be moving on to medical and PA schools. I was hoping your students may be interested in in this position. Multiple successful scribes have come from UW, and we would be very interested in hiring other UW students in the future. Scribes work one-on-one with Emergency Department (ED) physicians to help them with their medical charting; taking down patient histories, transcribing physical exams, and summarizing lab and radiology findings (among other tasks). We work for physicians at Tacoma General Hospital, Allenmore Hospital, and the Covington ED. This is a great opportunity for students looking for clinical experience, and a way to enhance the applications of future nurses, doctors, PAs, or other healthcare-associated careers. I would be happy to answer any questions you or your students may have. If anyone is interested in applying, feel free to pass along the attached flyer or my email address. We are hoping to interview applicants beginning April 23rd. Current students and recent graduates are all encouraged to apply if they are interested in a career in the medical field. Thanks for your time, Daniel Moffett | Lead Scribe Medical Scribe Systems m. (360) 529-2286 pdf icon Tacoma-General-Hospital-Scribe-Flyer.pdf

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