Workshops next week: Getting Started, Pre-med Small Group Coaching, Separating Fact from Fiction

Pre Health – Getting Started

Monday 1/14 @ 1:30-2:00, Career Center Lobby (MGH 134)

UW’s Pre-Health Career Coaches will explore how to be ready for your chosen health profession. Learn how to set yourself up for success, from course & major planning to opportunities for clinical exposure, undergraduate research & leadership.


Pre-Med Small Group Coaching

Wednesday 1/16 @ 11:30-12:20, Career Center Lobby (MGH 134)

Personalized support from a career coach with the added benefit of learning from your peers! Topics will include how to complement Pre-Health coursework with co-curricular experiences, and how to demonstrate that a health profession is the best fit with one’s skills and interests.


Separating Pre-Health Fact from Fiction

Thursday 1/17 @1:30-2:00, Career Center Lobby (MGH 134)

Pre-Health students get lots of advice from friends, family and online. How do you know what advice to follow and what to ignore? Join the Pre-Health Career Coaches for an interactive exploration of some of the myths out there regarding careers in the health professions.


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