Swedish Epilepsy Center Summer Internship

Over the past 14 years the team at Swedish Epilepsy Center hosted multiple undergraduates interested in clinical neuroscience for a summer internship. Epilepsy interns learn how they treat patients with epilepsy.

Clinical exposure is only part of the internship. They aim to have their interns work on research projects that are ethical, safe, important, and hopefully fun. Most of their past interns have published their work with them in peer-reviewed Neurology journals. Many presented their work in national meetings. All have matriculated to either graduate medical or other STEM programs.

They are specifically looking for two undergraduates interested in pursuing a career in clinical neuroscience to spend 6-8 weeks with them this summer learning about epilepsy, neurology and neurosurgery. The internship has a $4000 stipend associated, and the start and finish dates can vary between Mid-June to Mid-August.

Interested applicants can send their CV, an unofficial college transcript, and a one-page cover letter describing why they are interested in a career in clinical neuroscience to the following email: Michael.doherty@swedish.org by March 1, 2019.

Preference will be given to candidates just finishing their sophomore or junior year, you must be over age 18.

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