Fall 2019: Transformational Technologies for Biology, Medicine & Health

BIME 498 (Fall Q, 2019): Transformational Technologies for Biology, Medicine and Health

SLN: 22922

How are new information technologies affecting health care and medicine? When you visit the doctor, are they using modern information management methods? Are medical errors more likely or less likely to occur with new technologies? And how will new knowledge about the human genome affect health care?

As a career, there are growing opportunities at the intersection of medicine, information science, and big data science. In this new course, we introduce the field of biomedical & health informatics through three modules that focus on current technologies in the field: (1) Electronic health records, (2) simple Data Mining from electronic health data, and (3) Translational bioinformatics & personalized medicine. Each module will include hands-on exercises, and course evaluation will be based primarily on team projects that explore the technologies involved. The team project include both written and analytic portions, where the analysis portion includes a very simple level of programming.

The course meets MW 10:30-12:20, with a lab on Tues 12:30-1:20. There are no prerequisites.

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