Resource Representative internship at Seattle Children’s

Through a UW independent study, Seattle Children’s Hospital will be offering the opportunity to learn how to research resources for patients and families at Seattle Children’s Hospital. Successful completion will allow you to apply to work as a Community Resource Representative in the program outlined below.

What is this program? The Community Resource Representative Program connects families on Medicaid with their benefits and other community resources. Students talk to families about housing, food, transportation, cell phone, utilities, and other resources. They research for potential ways to assist the family, providing personalized solutions to each. Health outcomes are also affected by many factors, so we try to connect families with resources that can keep their child healthy long after they leave the hospital.

Commitment: 1 day a week for a total of 100 hours.

What hard skills would I learn? Students will learn about Medicaid policies and how to research for local community resources.

What soft skills would I learn? Students will have the opportunity to learn how to talk to families going through a difficult time and how to make them feel comfortable talking about sensitive subjects.

Who would benefit from this position? This position is ideal for people who want a challenge and are comfortable with a steep learning curve, knowing that they are gaining valuable experience for their future. It is ideal for people who want to learn how to interact with patients who have gone through different life situations. People who want to make a positive impact on families in the hospital while still in their undergraduate studies will get the opportunity to do this! In the first 2 months of the program, 107 families have been served.

What qualities would thrive in this position? People who are compassionate, open minded, and able to connect with people who might have a different life story than them. Successful representatives will be able to think on their feet and will want to learn and improve. They are looking for people who are supportive of their peers, good communicators, and have a genuine interest in helping both the families and the other students benefit from this program.

Apply here.

Questions?  Contact Julie Povick at 206-987-3544 or

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