New investigational device research study at SCAC for Toddlers

Seattle Children’s Autism Center is enrolling children ages 16 to 30 months in a new clinical trial that  may lead to the development of new methods of diagnosing autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in toddlers.

Marcus Autism Center, part of Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, and Seattle Children’s Autism Center are working together to find better ways to diagnose and treat autism at an earlier age. The investigational device measures how a child attends to social interactions and these measures are used to detect autism. For a child, it’s just like watching television, but for healthcare professionals, it’s an opportunity to diagnose autism in a 30 minute session.

Whether or not a family has concerns about autism, they can play a role in advancing autism research and helping other kids.

Contact or call 206-987-7503 to enroll.

MCS_971863_DeviceClinicalTrialTDPoster_Seattle_2018 MCS_971864_DeviceClinicalTrialASD Poster_Seattle_2018