The Investigation of Genetic Exome Research (TIGER) Study

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In the TIGER Study we conduct a comprehensive assessment of individuals with genetic events associated with ASD, ID, and/or DD in order to better describe how different genetic events impact behavior in children and adults.

Participation includes a visit to the University of Washington in Seattle during which we will conduct a clinical assessment, neurocognitive assessment, EEG, 2 dimension and 3 dimension photos, language testing, medical examination, a blood draw, an optional skin biopsy, and collect a detailed developmental history. Expenses related to the study visit (such as airfare and lodging) will be covered by the study and subjects will be reimbursed $100 for their participation.

Please see below for a list of genes that we are currently studying in the TIGER study. This list is not comprehensive. The field of genetics is always advancing and additional genes might be added to the list in the future. If you’re interested in participating and your child has a gene event not on this list, please feel free to contact us to check!

ADNP                ANK2                   ARID1B               CHD1               CHD2              CHD8               CTNNB1   CTTNBP2        DSCAM                DYRK1A              FOXP1             GRIN2B          KDM6B            LARP4B   MBD5               MED13L               NCKAP1             PARD3B          POGZ              PTEN                RIMS1   SCN2A             SETBP1                SETD2                STXBP1           TBL1XR1        TBR1               TCF7L2     TRIP12             WAC                      WDFY3               WDR33             ZMYND11