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Come Participate! Genetics Research and Pirates- What could be better?

Our Research Team is hosting a PIRATE-THEMED Research Family Fun Day on Saturday, December 2nd!  Families interested in participating in autism genetics research will have the opportunity to complete 1-2 research studies in a single day!

The SPARK and PANGEA studies are exploring genetic differences related to autism.  Families who attend the family fun day will be able to complete online registration and saliva collection for SPARK and/or a blood draw for PANGEA.  There will be food, games, prizes, parking, and childcare available!  To RSVP to this event, please contact the research team at 206-987-7917 or at

WHAT: Fun, research participation event for families

WHEN: Saturday, December 2 from 9am to 5pm

WHERE: Seattle Children’s Autism Center, 4909 25th Ave NE, Seattle, WA 98105

THEME: Pirates and Buried Treasure!

What Makes a Master Mentor? Find out from Dr. Bernier and Dr. Larimer!

Last year, our very own Dr. Raphe Bernier was awarded the Wayne J. Katon Outstanding Mentor Award. Raphe’s colleagues, fellow faculty members, postdocs, grad students, and lab members submitted enthusiastic testimonials championing his dedication to mentees. This year, we congratulate Dr. Mary Larimer, Director, Center for the Study of Health and Risk Behaviors (CSHRB), on receiving this award. The University of Washington recently posted an interview with Drs. Bernier and Larimer on what makes a Master Mentor. You can watch the interview here!

ASD-friendly Seattle-area museums and family destinations

Here in the Seattle area, many travel-associated businesses and organizations and tourist destinations are deliberately ASD-friendly, with special accommodations for light, noise, and volume of visitors. Here are a few programs that exist and destinations to put on your list:

***please note that inclusion/exclusion does not imply any endorsement or relationship between our lab and these organizations

October 2017 Autism Blogcast

This month’s Autism Blogcast focuses on INCLUSION. It discusses events and activities that focus on inclusion this Fall. The timing is particularly relevant as Seattle prepares for the 2018 Special Olympics next summer.  The blogcast also discusses research results that show a reduction in the symptoms of Autism severity when an individual has a fever. Check out Raphe  and Jim for this months Autism Blogcast!


Journeying and Sightseeing for Travelers with Autism

The idea of travel can bring up feelings of excitement, apprehension, fear, curiosity, anxiety, and happiness for individuals with autism and their family members and caregivers.

This recent article describes how “travel can be […] onerous for people on the spectrum — but it can be especially enriching, too.” The author nicely highlights both challenges and rewards of traveling and also mentions many great programs and resources to help individuals with autism feel more comfortable while traveling and sightseeing, as well as companies that specifically work with travelers with ASD and other special needs and sensitivities.

How the world is changing for travelers with Autism

An overhead shot of a long-lens camera, a Field Notes Notebook, a pencil and a travel bag laid out on a map


Autism Speaks Walk 2017

The Bernier Lab and Seattle Children’s Autism Center staff attended the September 2017 Autism Speaks Walk at the Seattle Center.  They talked with families about research opportunities, including the SPARK study, ABC-CT study, PANGEA study, and many others.  The turn out for the walk was great with many enthusiastic families attending! Thank you to our staff for taking part to support this wonderful event!