Participant Feedback

The Bernier Lab greatly values the time, compassion and commitment of our research participants and families. Your feedback is incredibly valuable as we strive to provide the best experience for all participants. Below are some of the responses we have received from our feedback questionnaires, thank you for your participation in our research studies, for helping to move the field of Autism research forward, and for helping our lab continually improve through your feedback!
What aspects of the study did you especially like?

“Cognitive Testing was a fun task” 1/16/18

“Learning about what your study goals were and seeing my MRI. Working with your team in general” 11/8/16

“Understanding the purpose of the study and how my participation would be valued – science!” 11/1/16

“The cognitive assessment was undoubtedly the funnest and most thought-provoking aspect of the study” 10/24/16

“All of the people I have interacted with have been so helpful and professional.  I am also very pleased with response time when I have had a question!  Thank you so much for using your time and resources to further autism research!” 9/23/16

“Everybody was very kind and supportive”. 9/15/16

“Everyone is friendly, respectful and considerate. The people that I interacted with during my participation from the study coordinators to the MRI team and clinician, they were friendly and considerate. Thus this made me feel comfortable and less nervous especially during the MRI scan”. 8/12/16

“In-depth conversation of preliminary findings”. 6/23/16

“Staff were very kind and accommodating to my kids. I appreciated the snacks provided to them for a long visit. Overall a good experience”. 3/16/16