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SRF232 - Independent Study Instructors

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         I N D E P E N D E N T   S T U D Y   I N S T R U C T O R S          *S*
                                                                  3/10/05 15:54
 SEQ                                    SEQ                          
 NUM      ID         NAME               NUM      ID         NAME      
10001  123454689  HALPERN,C            10010  318835425  HINCKLEY,T
10112  123456789  DETHIER,M            10201  976458231  BOSMA,M
11463  234567891  BRENOWITZ,E          12002  279856341  RUSSELL,M
12374  102345678  HALL,B               12433  555121246  FOE,V         
12475  120345678  PERKEL,D             13324  666166616  CLONEY,R
13626  223459839  PETERSEN,K           15005  234689755  OCONNOR,E
15207  654654542  KOELLE,D             15436  201570258  KENAGY,G
16008  246548852  NICOTRI,M            16018  635258746  KIRSCHTEL,D
17379  464688332  VAN VOLKENBU         18003  901201301  CLELAND,R
20440  132158852  HERRING,S            21203  500020006  GALITSKI,T
21331  456465853  SCHUBIGER,G          21442  206543099  KEELY,T
22332  325874125  BAKKEN,A             22746  425142586  THOMPSON,E
23433  159875325  KARR,J               25437  358962485  YOUNG,E       
26824  316497852  TORII,K              27239  753214690  SAMUDRALA,V
Enter action 'N' below for more instructors
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Instructions for screen SRF232

This screen is used to list instructors for a curriculum's Independent Study courses. For Indpendent Study courses, students use the 5-digit faculty number (SEQ NUM on this screen) to associate their registration with a given instructor. The 5-digit codes listed on this screen are unique to each curriculum abbreviation. Thus, an instructor can have different faculty numbers for different curricula.

Time Schedule and Room Assignment personnel as well as curriculum and advisors can add these instructors.

QTR/YEAR:___/____  BRANCH:_  CURRIC ABBREV:______     enter the required information and then press "enter"

The system will then list all valid faculty numbers (SEQ NUM) for the requested quarter. If you need to add an instructor, you will need to find a blank line. If no line is blank, you can put an 'N' in the 'Action' field (lower-right corner) until you find the end of the list, or you can search for a name. This will return all the instructors with the string of letters you put in 'NAME' on the bottom line, which almost always results in some blank lines.

In a blank line, put in a 5-digit faculty code in the SEQ NUM field. It can be any 5-digit number as long as it begins with a number >0 and is not being currently used by another instructor in the given curriculum. In the ID field, put in the 9-digit Employee ID Number (EIN or EID). Leave the NAME field blank. When you hit enter, the system will fill in the name, which can be used as a check to confirm you entered the correct ID number.

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