Governing Documents

State Laws

The Services and Activities fee Committee was established by the Washington State Legislature in 1973. The curent state laws governing the collection and location of Services and Activities fees are the following:

RCW 28B.15.041
"Services and activities fees" defined.
RCW 28B.15.044
Services and activities fees-Legislative declaration on expenditure.
RCW 28B.15.045
Services and activities fees - Guidelines governing establishment and funding of programs supported by - Scope - Mandatory provisions - Dispute resolution.
RCW 28B.15.069
Building fees - Services and activites fees - Other fees.
RCW 28B.10.825
Institutional student loan fund for needy students.

Committee Guidelines

The University of Washington Board of Regents in accordance with Washington State law issues Committee Guidelines for the Services and Activities Fee Committee. Any changes to the Guidelines must be proposed by the Services and Activities Fee Committee and approved by the Board of Regents. The Current Guidelines are the following:

Committee Policies

The Services and Activities Fee Committee establishes policies for itself relate to any topic, issue, or authority delegated to Committee. The process for the creation of policies is outlined in the Committee Guidelines. The Current Policies are the following: