Archives Policy

In accordance with Washington State and U.S. Federal Law the Services and Activities Fee Committee makes publicly available all meetings minutes and agendas for the current committee year.

SAF makes all information relevant to the budgeting process, including budget proposals and committee findings, publicly available on the close of the committee year. The last five years of committee files, including minutes and agendas, can be found on the SAF Committee Google Drive. Not all past committee documents exist in a digital format, requests for files not found on the Committee Google Drive can be made to the Committee Chair. All relevant files related to committees preceding the last five years are stored digitally on a separate server. Additionally, hard copies of all files exist in the SAF archives.

    Voting Records

  • Records Starting Winter 2020
  • Please Note: This records system was created in Winter of 2020. Prior voting records are contained in the minutes as available.