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40th SAFS Celebration

Every fall, we acknowledge students who received endowment awards and the donors who made those endowments possible. Thanks to the generosity of our alumni and friends, we can continue to recruit outstanding students and provide financial support for their education and research. The following awards were granted for the 2010–2011 academic year. We also thank our donors whose funds were not used this year.

Melvin G. Anderson Scholarship in Fisheries

Joseph Bizzarro, Rachel Hovel

Donald E. Bevan Endowed Fund in Fisheries

Supports the annual Bevan Series on Sustainable Fisheries

John N. Cobb Scholarship in Fisheries

Erik Schoen

Lauren R. Donaldson Scholarship

Louisa Harding

Claire L. and Evelyn S. Egtvedt Fellowship

Adam Hansen, Susan Johnson

Fisheries Graduate Fund

Adam Hansen

Fisheries Miscellaneous Scholarship

Susan Johnson

Graduate School Top Scholar Award

Rachel Lange

John E. Halver Fellowship

Emma Timmins-Schiffman

Institute for Food Science Technology

Bridget Ferris

Roy Jensen Research Fellowship

Louisa Harding

H. Mason Keeler Endowment for Excellence

Jonny Anderson, Joseph Anderson, Matt Baker, Joseph Bizarro, Rachel Hovel, Iris Kemp, Neala Kendall, Wes Larson, Emily Runnells, Jim Thorson, Daniel Widener

H. Mason Keeler Lake Washington Fund

Joseph Anderson

Vincent Liguori Fellowship

Jonny Armstrong

Shao-Wen Ling Memorial Scholarship

Jim Torson

Victor and Tamara Loosanoff Fellowship

Wyatt Fournier, Mackenzie Gavery, Sam Urmy

Gerald J. Paulik Memorial Fund

Adam Hansen

John G. Peterson Scholarship

Mackenzie Gavery

William H. Pierre, Sr. Fellowship

Pamela Woods

Edward Allen Power Scholarship in Fisheries

Katie Kulesza

Samuel and Althea Strom Scholarship

Louisa Harding

Richard T. Whiteleather Fisheries Endowed Scholarship

KathiJo Jankowski-Giefer