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Degrees Awarded, Autumn 2010-Summer 2011

Our student research encompasses numerous and diverse disciplines, including aquaculture, biology, ecology, disease, toxicology, genetics, statistics, and physiology—as well as interdisciplinary subjects—in pursuit of improving our understanding of the interactions between humans, our environment, and the resources upon which we rely. (Advising professors in parentheses.)

Bachelor of Science Degrees

  • Sonia Albin
  • Sarah Elizabeth Anderson
  • Annemarie Kaza Ansley
  • Sarah Jean Apsens
  • Katherine Josie Armintrout
  • Valeriy P Babchanik
  • Hannah Sorensen Barrett
  • Samantha Margaret Brombacker
  • Lauren Ashley Colpo
  • Kristin Alice Connelly
  • Herschel Daniel Cox
  • Brittany Michelle Cummings
  • Hannah M Darrin, SAFS departmental honors
  • Lee Harrison Duckwall
  • Todd Charles Durboraw
  • Julia Jennette Eggers
  • Oisin Manus Gunning
  • Courtney Anne Hageman
  • Juliana Houghton, SAFS departmental honors; magna cum laude; double degree with Biology (cum laude)
  • Sarah Kathryn Hu
  • Hans Isaak Hurn
  • Louis Truong Kao
  • Ke'Ale William Louie
  • Sean Michael Luis
  • Isabella Rose Marill, SAFS departmental honors
  • Jeanelle Christine Miller
  • Joseph Robert Petersen
  • Amanda Marie Phillips
  • Paul William Pratt
  • Michelle Nicole Ruge
  • Walter Murray Rung
  • Alexander Fenner Rutherford
  • Brian Shane Simpson
  • Mark Henry Sorel
  • Hannah Kirkland Stapleton
  • Marshall David Stephens, cum laude
  • Josh W Stewart, summa cum laude
  • Jason Gonzales Tayag
  • Miguel Enrique West
  • Ross Douglas Whippo, SAFS departmental honors; cum laude
  • Kimberly Anne Wood

Master of Science Degrees

  • Anne Baxter, (Herwig) Vibrio parahaemolyticus ecology at two oyster harvesting bays in Puget Sound
  • Thomas Buehrens (Quinn) Growth, movement, survival and spawning habitat of coastal cutthroat trout
  • Lisa Crosson (Friedman) Development and application of a qPCR assay to assess the impact of hematodinium, a parasitic dinoflagellate, on Tanner crab populations in Alaska
  • Wyatt Fournier (Mantua) Seasonal and interannual variation in food habits and growth of Chinook salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha) in the Bering Sea
  • Maureen Hess (Hauser) Dispersal patterns from genetic parentage analysis in Puget Sound brown rockfish (Sebastes auriculatus)
  • Troy Jaecks (Quinn) Population dynamics and trophic ecology of Dolly Varden in the Iliamna River, Alaska: Life history of freshwater fish relying on marine food subsidies

Master of Science Degrees—continued

  • Meryl Mims (Olden) Life history strategies of North American freshwater fishes and their relationships with flow
  • Benjamin Nelson (Conquest) Integration of two visual survey methods for estimating escapement of Pacific salmon (Oncorhynchus spp.) using a Bayesian modeling approach
  • Jennifer O’Brien (Gallucci) Demography and ecological role of North Pacific sharks: Perspectives from analyses of DNA, fisheries bycatch, and stable isotopes
  • Jenny Price (VanBlaricom) Quantifying the ecological impacts of geoduck (Panopea generosa) aquaculture harvest practices on benthic infauna
  • Michael Schrimpf (Parrish) Trade-offs in prey quality and quantity revealed through the behavioral compensation of breeding seabirds
  • Stevick, Bethany (Friedman) Experimental rearing methods of pinto abalone (Haliotis kamtschatkana) and their effect on outplant survival in Washington State
  • Wetzel, Chantell (Punt) Challenges of data-limited stock assessments: Simple vs. complex stock assessment techniques and the influence of data

Doctoral Degrees

  • Anderson, Joseph (Quinn) Dispersal and reproductive success of Chinook (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha) and coho (O. kisutch) salmon colonizing newly accessible habitat
  • Bradford, Amanda (VanBlaricom) Population characteristics of the critically endangered western gray whale
  • Johnson, Susan (Schindler) An evaluation of the marine feeding ecology of Pacific salmon
    using stable isotopes
  • Kenaley, Christopher (Pietsch) Evolutionary biology of loosejaw dragonfishes (Teleostei: Stomiidae): Biodiversity, phylogenetic relationships, ecology, feeding biomechanics, and far-red visual systems
  • King, Kerensa (Grue) Survival and reproduction of coho salmon exposed to pesticides within urban streams in western Washington
  • McIntyre, Jenifer (Beauchamp) Linking sublethal copper neurotoxicity to population abundance in coho salmon (Oncorhynchus kisutch)
  • Orr, Anthony (VanBlaricom) Foraging ecology of the immature California sea lion (Zalophus californianus): Determinants of behavior from physiological constraints to habitat selection
  • Lauren Rogers (Schindler) Population diversity and the effects of climate on Bristol Bay salmon and Norwegian coastal cod
  • Suresh Sethi (Hilborn) Fisheries management with people in mind: Assessing and managing risk
  • Kristina Straus (Friedman) Shellfish aquaculture and conservation of two Puget Sound molluscs: The pinto abalone (Haliotis kamtschatkana kamtschatkana) and the Pacific geoduck
Juvenile slamon

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