Student Legal Services

Student Legal Services


Student Legal Services (SLS) provides a safe and confidential space for all UW-Seattle students who have legal questions or concerns. We offer free 40-minute consultations on a broad range of issues. Students can also hire us for ongoing representation for a low hourly rate. We are located in HUB 306.

Here are some examples of the kinds of cases we can help with:


Landlord/Tenant disputes are our most common area of practice. We have a strong reputation for aiding students in this area by holding landlord accountable. Some common reason students come to our office include:

  • Assessing lease violations
  • Return of your security deposit
  • Reviewing your lease
  • Terminating your lease

You can come to SLS for a consultation or hire us for ongoing representation in these matters.

Protection Orders

Determining if you need a protection order can be scary. Our office helps make the filing process less overwhelming by answering all your questions and addressing your concerns. If the person you want a protection order against is a current UW-Seattle student, however, we are limited to explaining the process and providing you with resources. If the opposing party is not a UW-Seattle student, then you can hire SLS to file the case and represent you in court. 

Wills and Powers of Attorney

Our office works with students to create estate planning documents for themselves and for their spouses (who do not need to be UW-Seattle students). We commonly draft the following documents:

  • Last Will and Testament
  • Power of Attorney for Health Care
  • Power of Attorney for Finances
  • Healthcare Directive

Name and Gender Marker Changes

If your name and/or gender marker on your government issues identification do not match who you really are, we can help you. You can hire SLS to file a case to make those changes.

Criminal Cases

SLS commonly represents students who have been charged with misdemeanors such as Driving Under the Influence (DUI) or Malicious Mischief. If you have been charged with a crime or if you are worried that you might be charged with a crime, SLS can help.


Have you been discriminated against in the workplace or in housing? Schedule an appointment with SLS to help sort through your options.


Many students seek our help during periods of instability in their marriage. If you are going through a divorce that is uncontested (i.e. you and your spouse are in agreement about how to split up you property and share time with your children) then SLS can represent you during the case. If your divorce is contested, SLS may not be able to represent you in court, but can help you negotiate and help you find other resources.


Immigration laws and regulations are constantly changing. This is why SLS has developed a partnership with a group of private practice immigration attorneys who are available to help low-income students. Schedule a consultation with SLS, or if you need more advanced assistance, you may qualify for help from our pro-bono panel.

Traffic Tickets

If you have received a traffic citation, come to SLS. We can help you consider all your options and we can represent you in court, if necessary.

Auto Collisions and Insurances Issues

If you have been involved in an auto collision, SLS can help you understand your rights, whether or not you had insurances at the time.

Other Legal Issues

SLS works on too many issues to list them all here. Even if your issue does not appear above, stop by or call us to see if we can help.


To schedule a consultation, please fill out this Google Form. You must be logged into Google with your UW NetID to access the Form.


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