January 9, 2012


Our goal is to get the University of Washington and the entire Seattle community talking, collaborating, sharing visions, and devising strategies about the future of synthetic biology and UW's role in it. Ultimately, we hope to emerge from the workshop with a clear vision and many ideas for collaborations, funding, education, and community building.


The workshop will be held at the Microsoft Research Conference Center, building 33, in Redmond, WA. The link has directions.


8:30 Coffee / pastries
9:00 Introductory Remarks + Synthetic Multi-celled Behaviors
Eric Klavins
9:20 Standardization, Measurement and Reliability in Synthetic Biology
Herbert Sauro
9:40 A MicroRNA-based Single Gene Pulse Generator
Georg Seelig
10:00 Reprogramming Cells with Plant-derived Signaling Pathways
Jennifer Nemhauser
10:20 Break
11:00 Metabolic Engineering in Methylotrophic Bacteria
Mary Lidstrom
11:20 CO2 Fixation
Justin Siegel
11:40 A small molecule-regulated switch for controlling intra-cellular protein function
Dustin Maly
12:00 Lunch and Posters
1:40 The International Genetically Engineering Machine Competition
Ingrid Swanson Pultz
2:00 Synthesis and selection in yeast
Maitreya Dunham
2:20 Engineered T-cells for adoptive immunotherapy
Andrew Scharenberg
2:40 Break
3:00 Designing Proteins
David Baker
3:20 New tools for genome engineering and synthetic biology
Ray Monnat
3:40 Technologies for Interfacing with Single Cells
Daniel Chiu