STEP: Science Teaching Experience ProgramAs science becomes increasingly more important for humanity, higher education requires better prepared instructors to use the best practices in teaching for increasingly diverse groups of students. Future generations of scientists will come from our classrooms, and STEP is preparing the next generation of instructors to be ready for them.

Our mission is to engage a diverse pool of trainees at the University of Washington and affiliate institutions in a closely mentored apprenticeship to learn how to teach scientifically with inclusive, demonstrably effective, student-centered pedagogies.

Whether you are a postdoc or a graduate student, there is a program for you to work towards the classroom skills that will help support those students.

If you are a postdoctoral scientist interested in teaching, then you should explore the Science Teaching Experience Program – Working In Science Education (STEP-WISE).

If you are a graduate student interested in teaching, then you should explore the Science Teaching Experience Program for Upcoming PhDs (STEP-UP).