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Producing Media: Topics to Explore Category
Media Campaigns

Provided are lessons, handouts, checklists, step-by-step procedures and ideas based on teachers' experiences in working with their classes to develop teen-generated media campaigns.


Campaign Tools
Participants are introduced to a variety of checklists, letters, and directories to help them begin planning and implementing a media campaign.

Designing Your Campaign
The steps in setting up a media campaign are presented along with useful checklists and worksheets for those developing and implementing their own campaign for the first time.

Generating School and Community Support and Involvement
After discussing the goals of their campaign, youth explore different ways to present their campaign to others through brainstorming and role-play.

Introducing the Teen Aware Media Campaign
Participants are introduced to the concept of a media campaign, its message, and various strategies for conveying that message. A letter for participation approval and a campaign team application are included.

Media Strategies
Participants define, discuss, and evaluate different approaches to getting their message out, including the press packet, PSA and newsletter.

Press Packets
Youth identify the components of a standard press paket, then decide which would be most appropriate to publicize their own campaign.

Creating Public Awareness
To evaluate the use of public relations techniques, participants fill out a questionnaire about the best way to generate public awareness of their campaign and examine the results.

Conduct Community Research on Teen Sexual Behavior
Participants identify the issues and parameters to consider when developing a survey to examine audience beliefs about teen sexuality.

News Release
After examining the style and format of a news release and looking at various examples, participants draft a news release about their campaign efforts.

Create a Slogan
After defining the purpose of a slogan and discussing examples of existing campaign slogans, participants develop their own slogan for a Teen Aware campaign.

Create a Song, Poem or Rap
After deconstructing a favorite song, poem or rap by identifying its message and target audience, youth write their own lyrics based on their own Teen Aware message.


Parents as Campaign Resources
In groups, participants brainstorm ways their parents may be able to contribute to a media campaign, including volunteerism and special skills.

Other Instructional Materials

Outdoor Media Tips
Bus signs and billboards can be an integral part of a media campaign. Helpful tips and guidelines for sizing artwork are provided here.


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