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Producing Media: Resources
Resources and links for those seeking more information about media production are provided.


Sony Online Education - Filmmaking
I am an independent filmmaker and have just written a course for Current TV, sponsored by Sony through their on-line education web site, on learning to tell one's own story with video. There are two courses, designed to take the student from conception to completion of a short documentary. The goal is to create something appropriate for submission for broadcast to Current TV.
Course #1
Course #2

The Adbusters Culture Jammers Headquarters remains the definitive online resource for those interested in affecting social change through counter advertising. Under the heading of Creative Resistance, there is an extensive gallery of spoof ads on topics from fashion to fast food.

All About Your Own Website
Provides information on web design from navigation to artistic preference, and technical concerns like requirements analysis and bandwidth. Information is categorized by interest, including small business, social organization, and hobbyist/special interest.

Cockam Television and Video Glossary
This website contains a discussion of common words and phrases used in television and video explained in a way almost everybody can understand. Interesting comments are added to some descriptions.

Australian Children’s Television Foundation
Kahootz is a powerful set of 3D multimedia tools that allows students and teachers to be creators, designers, inventors, and storytellers. Students can share Kahootz narratives, inventions, designs and projects with classrooms around the world. On the website, there is a showcase of classroom work, ideas for teaching activities, a resources page, and forums for Kahootz members.

For those interested in video and television production, this site is an excellent resource. Technique, equipment, scripting, and history of the medium are among the topics explored in both English and Spanish.

False Advertising: A Gallery of Parody
A gallery of satirical logos to inspire graphically inclined counter advertisers.

An excellent site for all sorts of crafts. From tattooing your towels with logos and messages to making skirts from pillowcases. The project ideas are relatively simple, and offer a variety of options for those interested in the fabric arts including Dyeing 101, Dealing with Denim, and Macramé Your Way.

A Glossary of Photographic Terms
This site provides definitions of photographic terms from A to Z.

Glossary of Video Terms
This site contains a glossary of video terms.

HTML Goodies
For beginners in website construction looking for an introduction to html, tags, manipulating text, images, and links.

The Internet Public Library
The IPL is a public service organization and learning/teaching environment at the University Of Michigan School Of Information that provides library services to Internet users. The IPL offers a TeenSpace section which contains links to a wide range of categories. Teens can find links that provide information and help in school and academics, as well as personal issues such as those regarding health, sex, relationships, body image, etc.

Library of Congress: Copyright Law of the United States of America
Provides official definitions of subject matter and scope of copyright laws.

A resource for those interested in radio stations, networks, organizations, interviews and features.

Social Change Media Article
Offers tips on how to get media attention for your issue, including press briefings and campaign materials, and “7 Steps to Social Change.”

The most well known social marketing campaign among teens, truth.com offers magazine-style issues with dynamic graphics, bright colors, and streaming video.

UMUC Information and Library Services: Copyright and Fair Use
A document that explores copyright information for producing media in the classroom and the web. Includes student and faculty guidelines, information on gaining permission to reproduce copyrighted material, and what can be copied and should be avoided when reproducing material in an educational setting.

Books / Articles

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