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Producing Media: Topics to Explore

Teen Aware Project youth have produced a broad range of media campaigns intended to convince their peers that abstinence is the most reliable way of avoiding pregnancy and STIs / HIV. Over the years, Teen Aware teachers have developed materials to support student efforts in campaign development, team building, and product production. A wide range of their materials are presented here, grouped according to subject area.

Media Campaigns
Provided are lessons, handouts, checklists, step-by-step procedures and ideas based on teachers' experiences in working with their classes to develop teen-generated media campaigns.

Team Building
Lessons and ideas are provided for team building that teachers found critical as a first step for students who are embarking on the development of a media campaign.

Social Marketing
Lessons, activities, and a Power Point presentation by author and consultant Nancy Lee are provided to help youth understand how social marketing tries to affect change in social behavior.

Counter Advertising
Activities, handouts, overheads and teen-generated examples show youth how to create their own counter ads to reveal the truth behind a current ad of their choice.

Posters and Print Materials
Lessons for creating print materials from posters to flyers, along with a number of handouts and checklists used in classrooms are offered.

This section contains guides, handouts, checklists, and other materials for teachers and adult beginners interested in teaching youth to create their own video.

A basic introduction to radio and some of the terminology is given along with handouts for those developing radio PSAs.

Guides, tipsheets, and activities encourage youth to use images to send a message.

New Media
Along with a basic technological intro to the Web, ideas and activities encourage youth to exeriment with new media from webcams to blogs.

Specialty Items
Activities and guides are provided for the design and creation of items like t-shirts, pens, and keychains.

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