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Producing Media: Topics to Explore Category
Team Building

Lessons and ideas are provided for team building that teachers found critical as a first step for students who are embarking on the development of a media campaign.


Dynamic Decisions
Participants experiment with different decision-making techniques, and evaluate each method by discussing advantages and disadvantages, with particular attention given to the role of the individual in each case.

Reaching Group Decisions
The decision-making techniques of value voting and consensus are introduced. Youth learn about value voting by casting individual votes on posted ideas, and about consensus by making a decision through discussion and compromise.

If It Is To Be
Participants explore leadership styles by examining situations in which different styles have been employed, then suggesting a style for different scenarios.

Real Roles
Youth examine the roles people play in accomplishing group tasks. Behaviors and expressions of support and encouragement are also explored.

Share the Load
To explore the concepts of leadership, delegation, and teamwork, participants work together in groups to accomplish a task, then discuss the differences between individual and group accomplishment. Attention is also given to how individual talents and skills can be complementary and a strong contribution to a team.

Time Management
By answering self-analysis questions, participants analyze their own personal time management. Prioritizing is emphasized.

Other Instructional Materials

9 Commandments for Building a Strong Team
A list of reminders that can be printed as a poster or overhead.


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