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Social Marketing

Lessons, activities, and a Power Point presentation by author and consultant Nancy Lee are provided to help youth understand how social marketing tries to affect change in social behavior.


What is Social Marketing?
Nancy Lee, social marketing consultant and co-author of the book, Social Marketing: Improving the Quality of Life, has developed this Power Point presentation, which provides the steps in developing a social marketing plan and incorporates examples from Teen Aware media campaigns.

Examining Pregnancy Prevention Ads
After reviewing the definition of social marketing and examples of existing campaigns, students examine pregnancy prevention ads produced by a professional social marketing campaign, and by students. Media messages and techniques used to influence the behavior of teens in order to prevent pregnancy are examined.


Controversial Pregnancy Prevention Ads
After viewing a set of controversial ads created by the National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy, youth discuss their own emotional responses. Participants analyze both the content, including media messages about teen sexuality and identity, and style, including the use of objectifying language.

Social Marketing Campaigns We Know: Know HIV/AIDS
Participants examine this campaign to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS by exploring the website, and analyzing ads, video clips and radio PSAs. Emphasis is placed on how the ads speak to specific target audiences, the messages being sent about HIV/AIDS, and effectiveness.

Social Marketing Campaigns We Know: National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy
After exploring the dynamic, multi-media site at teenpregnancy.org, youth discuss their responses to featured radio PSAs, video clips, and other campaign materials. Participants then explore, examine, and analyze the National Day to Prevent Teen Pregnancy materials, and write a script for their own PSA advertising the event.

Social Marketing Campaigns We Know: Truth
To analyze how dynamic, highly styled media can be an effective way of getting the attention of teen audiences, participants explore the website for the immensely popular tobacco prevention campaign, Truth.

Social Marketing Campaigns We Know: Campaign For Our Children
Participants explore the website for an existing social marketing campaign for the prevention of teen pregnancy. After examining the site’s Teen Guide, youth discuss the techniques used to engage teens, and design their own website feature.

Social Marketing and Teen Aware: Quick Write
Youth reflect on the strategies and techniques of social marketing, and apply them to the goals of a media campaign for the prevention of pregnancy/STIs.

For More On Social Marketing, See:

Controversial Pregnancy Prevention Ads
After examining some controversial pregnancy prevention ads and discussing their emotional impact and communicative effectiveness, participants create their own ads stressing positive messages for youth.

“Be Sexy…It Doesn’t Mean You Have to Have Sex”
After examining ads from the Candie’s Foundation, participants discuss how abstinence messages can be created using images and language meant to empower youth, then brainstorm their own messages that define abstinent behavior with positive attributes.

Controversial Anti-Drug Commercials
After viewing two video PSAs from the Partnership for a Drug-Free America, participants discuss the connection between drug use and sexual behavior, and question the connection between impaired judgment and violation of consent.


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