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Producing Media: Topics to Explore Category
Posters and Print Materials

Lessons for creating print materials from posters to flyers, along with a number of handouts and checklists used in classrooms are offered.


After discussing how information is best conveyed in this medium, participants design and construct their own brochure with a Teen Aware message.

Creating a *WOW* Flyer, Pamphlet or Brochure
Participants learn the basics for developing impressive print materials, from choosing a format to crafting a message that will reach the desired target audience.

Creating a *WOW* Poster
Using cameras to make photographs and software to manipulate images, participants create professional looking posters that convey a strong message.

Participants are introduced to the fundamentals of poster design, including planning the project with a target audience, crafting a clear message, and designing an eye-catching product.

Participants identify the components of a newsletter, and how it is used to communicate information, before brainstorming ideas for a Teen Aware newsletter.

Other Instructional Materials

Media Evaluation: Student Produced Flyers
By examining sample flyers and answering a series of questions, youth learn to evaluate student produced flyers for clarity of purpose, audience, impact and message.

Newspaper/Magazine Articles Tips
Helpful hints for youth developing newspaper and magazine articles as part of a media campaign.

Request for Bid
This blank bid request form is helpful for those sending their print materials to press. Contains blanks for specifications like quantity, color, paper, size, bleeds, artwork, and bindery.

Workshop Outline: Poster Design Critique
After youth have designed and created their own posters, it may be helpful to organize a critique. This outline will help guide discussion by providing questions on how posters attract attention and persuade the viewer.

Print Design Checklist
For the creation of print materials and specialty items, this checklist helps participants keep track of the successful completion of the key elements of product design, like formatting, copyediting, and arresting visuals.

Final Art Checklist
Before sending their poster to the printer, participants may find this final checklist useful in collecting their materials.

Creating a Poster: Start to Finish
For youth planning a poster project, this guide lists all the steps of creative development and production. From crafting a message and developing a design concept, to bids from printer and press checks.

General Guidelines for Developing Print Materials
For eye-catching copy, this guide will help youth select fonts, experiment with white space, and increase clarity with text placement and layout. Extra tips are provided for those designing brochures and posters.

Print Advertising Tips
Print advertising is a key component to any successful media campaign. This tip sheet provides helpful hints on developing and producing print advertising.

For More On Posters and Print Materials, See:

STI Brochure
After analyzing material available in relation to target audience perceived needs, participants construct their own informational STI brochure.

Pro-Abstinence Ads: Why Wait?
Participants examine a variety of ads created by professionals and teens, then design their own posters with an abstinence message.

Posters for Parents
Youth create posters with messages for parents about talking to teens about sex.

Safety Tips for a Date
After discussing ideas about how teens can date safely, participants design and create their own brochures to educate their peers.

Assessing Specific Formats: Poster
Questions to help evaluate posters on 5 different traits are provided, along with detailed sample assessments.


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