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Producing Media: Topics to Explore Category

This section contains guides, handouts, checklists, and other materials for teachers and adult beginners interested in teaching youth to create their own video.

Instructional Materials

Video Production: Planning Your Project
This guide covers all the basic steps, from building a production team and scheduling shoots to post-production editing.

Scriptwriting and Storyboarding
This step-by-step guide helps youth determine audience demographics, select a script style, and begin storyboarding.

Video Production: Buying a Camera
A guide for users of both digital and analog formats. Basic terminology, comments on special features, and advantages of digital media are also discussed.

Video Production: Lighting
Beginning videographers may use this guide to help select and place equipment, and troubleshoot during production.

Video Production: Sound
In-camera and external microphones are discussed, with notes and tips on direction and sensitivity.

Who's on the Production Team?
Video production is a team effort. This document provides brief descriptions of specific duties for each team member.

Concept Storyboard
For those in pre-production script development and storyboarding, here is a blank concept storyboard, with ready-to-fill columns for notes on text, video, and sound.

Equipment Checklist for Field Production
Leaving the studio can be a tricky business. This checklist can help beginning videographers to remember all their necessary gear.

Video Release Form
A blank form that can be used by videographers to obtain the necessary permission from subjects featured in their video.

Log the Video: Blank Log
Designed as a handout for beginning videographers, this document provides step-by-step instruction on how to log each shot and comes with a blank log sheet for use during production.

The Elements of a Show
For participants interested in identifying and examining the key elements of a TV show, this handout can be used to make a formal analysis.

Planning a Cable Production
Using a step-by-step approach, this guide requires youth to address the who, what, when, where, how and why of cable productions. A must read for the planning stage.

Program Planning Outline
This handout is designed to encourage participants to plan the creation of their video program, considering elements such as purpose, audience, treatment, setting, scripting, and shooting.

Video Script Form
A blank form for use during scripting, with ready-to-fill columns for notes on video and audio components.

Storyboard Outline
When ready to storyboard their script, participants will find this blank storyboard outline easy to use.

Storyboard Sheet
It's important to use good communication skills during production. This ready-to-use fax sheet will help participants keep track of both equipment and personnel for administrative purposes.

Studio Fax Sheet
It's important to use good communication skills during production. This ready-to-use fax sheet will help participants keep track of both equipment and personnel for administrative purposes.

Studio Floor Plan
For use by set designers, art directors, technicians and floor managers, this map of a standard studio set is ready to be filled in with detailed specifications for production.

Video Tips
For beginning videographers, here are helpful hints on development and production.

For More On Video, See:

Create Your Own Abstinence Video PSA
After examining a variety of video PSAs created by professionals and teens, youth brainstorm ideas for their own video to promote an abstinence message. Youth then storyboard their ideas and, when possible, shoot their own videos.

Create a Video for Adbusters TV
After viewing several videos on the Adbusters website, participants storyboard and shoot their own spot on media and consumer criticism. Youth work can be submitted to the yearly Adbusters contest, or voted on by peers.

Assessing Specific Formats: Video/Film
Questions to help evaluate video work on 5 different traits are provided, along with detailed sample assessments.


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