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Producing Media: Topics to Explore Category

A basic introduction to radio and some of the terminology is given along with handouts for those developing radio PSAs.

Instructional Materials

Radio Station Formats
For those working on PSAs for a media campaign, or studying ad placement and radio programming, this guide provides information on the most popular station formats in the U.S.

Glossary: Radio Production and Air Play
Easy to understand definitions of industry terminology.

Writing a Public Service Announcement
This handout gives participants simple instructions on how to write a PSA for radio.

A Short History of Radio
An overview spanning from the registry of the patent for wireless telegraphy in 1896, to the invention of the top 40 format in 1955.

Radio Tips
Helpful hints for those interested in producing PSAs and radio spots as part of their media campaign.

Who Works at a Radio Station?
A glossary of job descriptions for those interested in radio, or those looking for the contact person for a media campaign.

For More On Radio, See:

Radio Commercials and Target Audiences
By investigating the programming of different radio stations, participants examine the way advertisers place their commercials in relation to target audiences.

Reaching Parents Through Radio
Participants consider the obstacles and advantages in communicating with parents as a way of addressing teen health issues, then create their own messages for parents in the format of a radio PSA.

Assessing Specific Formats: Radio
Questions to help evaluate radio work on 5 different traits are provided, along with detailed sample assessments.


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