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Producing Media: Topics to Explore Category

Guides, tipsheets, and activities encourage youth to use images to send a message.


Sending a Message with Photography
Participants explore how photographs can be used to send a message, then brainstorm ways to use photography in their own media campaign.

Other Instructional Materials

Photographic Tips and Techniques
For beginning to intermediate students of photography, this guide provides insight into all steps of photographic production, from composition to printing.

Photo Documentaries: Getting Started
Advice for beginners, from choosing a camera to using computer software to layout finished products.

For More On Photojournalism, See:

Tilt-ups, Tilt-downs
Perspective can be used to communicate meaning. Youth examine how photographers can use camera angle to change the mood or message of an image.

Digital Image Manipulation: Art or Deception?
Digital retouching allows photographers to be more creative in their work. Is this constructed reality a deception of the public, or a kind of digital art? Participants debate.


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