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Time Use and Activity Patterns

Route Choice and Spatio-Temporal Behavior

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Subcommittee Goal

The goal of the subcommittee is to promote and advance the development of time use and activity patterns analysis, which refers to both theoretical development and empirical investigation of individual’s spatio-temporal activity and travel patterns in the contexts of changes in the transportation system and socio-economic developments.


The subcommittee is concerned with all aspects of time use and activity patterns analysis. This includes but is not limited to behavioral queries and theory development, applications, study designs and analysis methodologies, and temporal and spatial visualizations.


Time Use and Activity Patterns Subcommittee was originally recognized as Activity-Based Analysis of Travel Subcommittee with inaugural chair—Ryuichi Kitamura (1986-1989). This subcommittee was then chaired by Lydia Kostyniuk (1989-1995), Kostas Goulias (1995-1997) and Ram Pendyala (1997-2003). In 1998, under Ram Pendyala’s chairship, this subcommittee changed to its current name and is now co-chaired by Cynthia Chen and Dick Ferdinand Ettema since 2003.


Cynthia Chen
Associate Professor

University of Washington


Dick Ferdinand Ettema

Associate Professor

Utrecht University



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